Croatian Chaplaincy in Dublin | Raising funds to help victims of the recent earthquake in Croatia


Dear members of our Croatian Chaplaincy in Dublin,
dear brothers and sisters,
dear friends!

From the very beginning, I have been following the development of the situation related to the devastating earthquake that struck near the towns of Petrinja, Sisak, Glina and their immediate and wider surroundings, and which in its destructive power, although weak, is still not giving up! The quake affected 116,000 people, while 66,000 people were endangered due to the damage.

Many of our compatriots in the Homeland, abroad, and even in Ireland, reacted immediately and began commendable actions of collecting basic food and hygiene supplies for the needs of people affected by the earthquake. Some even travelled back to Croatia in order to provide personal assistance to those in need.

As we can see, a lot has been collected so far. Thank God for every person of good heart! As you know, at the very beginning of this situation, I did suggest to all of you who want to make donation to do it by using the account of Croatian Caritas, which, along with so many other humanitarian organizations, as well as individuals, provides coordinated assistance to all those at risk. Caritas is trustworthy charity that we have partnered before and we are confident they will allocate the money where instructed. But that was just the beginning.

We are all aware that our compatriots from the affected areas will still need our coordinated and organized help. The damage is huge. A large number of buildings, especially residential buildings, will have to be demolished – and new ones built. A large number of them will be enough to renovate (replace roof tiles, build new chimneys, etc.)

I invite all of us to get involved in this action together, as a Community. In the days to come, we will identify opportunities where our help will be most meaningful. I am still trying to determine which area we will be able to specifically send our material/financial assistance to.

I am in contact with the Parish Priest of one of the Sisak’s Parishes, along with another Priest who is the Parish Priest of one of the affected Parishes and some nuns that are serving in areas affected by the earthquake. They know all families and individuals and their real needs. I am also in contact with a former member of our Community who has returned to his homeland and is currently continually active in the areas affected by the earthquake. We are trying to find a few more contacts in the field. One of the options could be buying a prefabricated house (price approx. 8000 – 9000 EUR) which would be a safe shelter for a family in a coming year(s). So, we are looking for a way to provide CONCRETE SUPPORT TO A SPECIFIC FAMILY OR INDIVIDUAL.

I would like to hereby encourage you to start transferring funds to the Bank Account of our Chaplaincy indicating as “earthquake relief” if you wish to contribute to this cause. You are welcome to encourage your neighbours, friends, acquaintances to get involved in the action. Please send us a confirmation of payment to our official e-mail address ( in order to easily allocate the payment. As funds grow, we will be able to decide on the type of assistance. As always, we will send reports regularly and transparently on everything.

I believe that through several previous actions we have built enough trust in each other.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who died and are injured, all those impacted, as well as with the first responders and volunteers who continue their search and rescue operations.

We will contact you soon with more information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Rev. Josip Levaković,
Croatian Chaplain